Practical Fitness and Wellness, Inc. is pleased to share what some of our clients say about us.

“ … In my professional and personal opinion, Mr. Greenspan's company offers a very unique and customized service that would be a huge asset to any condo health club. I recommend him highly to manage any residential building health club throughout NYC or for that matter throughout the country.” Read more of the Cohen letter

“ … I'll give you some highlights of their improvements: PF&W rearranged the machinery, replaced old pieces of equipment with newer, better ones, and purchased small fitness paraphernalia that add interest and fun to a resident's workout. Amenities, such as towels, toiletries in the bathrooms, and healthy snacks are always available.
To encourage broader use of the facilities, PF&W always offers various events, such as parties and different types of fitness programs.” Read more of the Hersch letter

“ … We have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service and professionalism that the PF&W staff has provided us for the last five years.  The company’s trainers, instructors, and therapists are very knowledgeable, friendly and focused on ensuring that the client receives top-notch treatment. The president of the company even contacts us frequently to ensure our satisfaction and we can safely say that PF&W is one of the best investments we have made!” Read more of the Seshadri letter

“ … This young and driven management company brought change immediately. It became more welcoming with much better signage, designer towels instead of paper, fruit and snacks as well. The general maintenance improved, as well as the staff’s attentiveness. And Mr. Greenspan suggested a new arrangement of the equipment that accommodated the guests’ preferences in a much more sensible and convenient way.” Read more of the Eldridge letter

“ … They have done a superlative job, giving us the personal service that only a small, tightly managed company can give. Their staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and extremely careful in handling clients on an individual basis. Their understanding of equipment, a wide range of fitness procedures, and their deep knowledge of human anatomy as it pertains to all phases of fitness and wellness and as they apply such knowledge to the welfare of their clients have never ceased to impress me.” Read more of the Scher letter

“ … PF&W has been a tremendous asset to our health club and the building, continuously improving our club and “raising the bar” to new levels in a way that has benefited our club as well as our building.” Read More of the Sklar Letter